Concierto de la semana: “Mötley Crüe”


 Este miércoles 20 de Setiembre a las 8pm  en nuestro

Espacio ”Concierto”, Rockala2 te invita a escuchar a “Mötley Crüe” . en concierto.

Before settling on Mötley Crüe, the band went through several names, such as Trouble, Christmas, Bad Blood and Suicidal Tendencies (the latter name should not be confused with the band of the same name from Venice, California).

Mötley Crüe was founded by bassist Nikki Sixx and drummer Tommy Lee. They later asked Mick Mars to provide guitars and Vince Neil to provide vocals.

Mötley Crüe was ranked tenth on MTV’s list “Top 10 Heavy Metal Bands of All-Time” and ninth on “VH1’s All Time Top Ten Metal Bands”.

Mötley Crüe have sold over 75 million albums.

Their final show labeled as Crüe Years Eve took place at the Staples Center in Los Angeles on December 31, 2015.

Mötley Crüe en concierto , solo x rockala2 , la radio rock de Costa Rica.

Si no puedes acompañarnos el miércoles, repetiremos el concierto el domingo24 de Setiembre a las 3 p.m.  Aquí en Rockala2, “Mötley Crüe ” a la máxima potencia!