• Concierto de la semana: “Marilyn Manson”


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    Espacio ”Concierto”, a “Marilyn Manson” . en concierto.

    Marilyn Manson, the man, was born on January 5th 1969 as Brian Warner. Throughout his teenage years, he worked as a music journalist, interviewing bands that passed through the Florida area (famously including Red Hot Chili Peppers), and began to take an active political interest.

    Marilyn Manson, the band, was the culmination of Warner’s interest in censorship laws. He wanted to form a band that would push boundaries, shock people, and most of all, get people thinking. To do this, and to demonstrate how fake he felt showbiz was, he invented a persona, and took the name Marilyn Manson – a combination of Hollywood darling Marilyn Monroe and mass-murderer Charles Manson. Eventually, all of his band (at this point, known as Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids – later, early recordings under this name would be released without Warner’s permisson) would take similar stage names.

    The band hit big after being ‘discovered’ in 1993 by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails – he offered them both a recording contract and a support slot on his next tour. Unsurprisingly, they courted controversy wherever they went, notably when the press implied that they were somehow connected with Anton LaVey, founder of the Church Of Satan. LaVey, never one to miss an opportunity for publicity, responded by making Manson a Reverend of the church. However, despite popular belief, Manson is not a Satanist.

    The band’s inevitable mainstream breakthrough came with a cover version of “Sweet Dreams” by Eurythmics. By now, Warner was (and remains) undoubtedly the focal point of the band, as evidenced by their revolving-door lineup.

    Manson continues to be one of the world’s most divisive and controversial stars. Recently, he has stayed in the headlines via an illegal sexual conduct charge in 2001, brought by a security guard, and by appearing in Michael Moore‘s successful documentary Bowling for Columbine.


    Marilyn Manson en concierto , solo x rockala2 , la radio rock de Costa Rica.

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  • Concierto de la semana: “Enrique Bunbury”


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    Spain’s Enrique Bunbury is among the most iconic singer/songwriters to emerge from the 20th century rock & roll era, and one of the true fathers of rock en español. He is an intense, questioning, mercurial artist who has always followed a labyrinthine musical path that has astonished — and occasionally bewildered — fans, but has gained him legions of them across Latin America, Mexico, Europe, and the United States. Bunbury is capable of using an authoritative command of Middle Eastern, cabaret, ranchera, blues, flamenco, tango, salsa, milonga, bolero, cumbia, electro, roots and garage rock, heavy metal, and even electro musics to get his songs across.

    Bunbury was born in Zaragoza and took to rock & roll and Spain’s own glorious musical traditions with equal enthusiasm. He sang lead in a high-school rock band called Apocalipsis, and later joined Proceso Entrópico. He dropped his first name when he joined guitarist Juan Valdivia in 1986 to form and front the rock band Héroes del Silencio, along with bassist Joaquin Cardiel and drummer Pedro AndreuHéroes del Silencio — one of rock en español’s architect bands — provided Bunbury with twin models that would guide him throughout his career: first was the melding of his wide range of rock, pop, classical, folk, and Gypsy influences in a manner that would underscore — and not water down — his Spanish-Latino identity. The second notion was that change itself is a primary engine of creativity.

    Enrique Bunbury en concierto , solo x rockala2 , la radio rock de Costa Rica.

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    miércoles, repetiremos el concierto el domingo 27 de Agosto a las 3 p.m.  Aquí en Rockala2, “Enrique Bunbury ” a la máxima potencia!